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Melati Ehsan Holdings Berhad is a leading turnkey contractor specialising in construction management providing total solutions from conceptualising project needs through financing, engineering, construction and maintenance.

About Company

Melati Ehsan (MEHB) is involved in turnkey construction, with a specialisation in construction management. We provide a complete solution for a construction project from inception to completion through careful planning, design, engineering, procurement and construction within specified financial and time constraints, which often includes a financing component.

Melati Ehsan is considered a leader in its field through:

  • Our team of highly experienced knowledge workers;
  • Our expertise in planning and designing;
  • Our resourcefulness in maintaining low overheads as we leverage on our sub-contractors’ core competencies to deliver complex projects with minimal expense; and
  • Our ability to conceptualise and negotiate on a wide range of construction work in collaboration with our business partners.

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