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SUNCROX SOLAR provides alternative renewable energy to current usage of energy from generator and grid power to clients by innovating application, consultation, configuration, installation, and maintenance of the system. Lately we are implementing model where we bring together investment especially for commercial grid tie project where profit sharing will be made through the savings contributed by solar energy system.

About Company

For social initiative, we implement cross-subsidization model where we channel margin from our commercial projects to social initiative by subsidizing up to 100%. We also implement these social initiatives through corporate sponsorship and grant fund.

For commercial building, we use grid tie solar energy system to offset the electricity usage by the building especially maximum demand and peak demand charges. For agricultural and vehicles application, we use solar energy as replacement to the generator for applications like water pump and food truck. Finally, for our social initiative we use solar energy to provide basic appliances such as lights and charging facilities. The size of the system varies from as small as for one light and bigger system for the whole house or community center.

We address the biggest potential sector in solar energy which is building integrated system and yet we are serving the most critical user that need solar energy the most, the off grid community. We managed to accomplish projects in other 4 countries (other than Malaysia); Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia despite the major challenge of language, culture and bureaucracy.

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