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What does performance mean today? In an era when only marginal improvements or “advances in performance” can be attend? Where everyone can already do everything, and where everything is already so high-tech, fast and excellent so isn’t it more a question of just being that little bit better? Or what is the point then? TSM sees the Key of real performance in automation and quality. We are owner-managed mechanical electrical company, technological leader in several extremely exciting segments of industrial joining technology. We have a global structure with production facilities, and accompany our customers, whether it's new markets or new technologies they are exploring.

About Company

The TSM Welding Technologies Group (Means: TSM group and co-operation partners) supplying copper alloy around South East Asia, with more than 3000 automatic and robotic welding system.

As the market most high volume supplier and most experienced supplier of the resistance welding machines and systems, the TSM Welding Technology Group is the best choice to satisfy your needs.

Our major customers are automotive industries, motorcycle industries, home appliance industries, Aircraft and aerospace industries and part components industries. We provide the most excellent Resistance Welding Facilities, Service and Technical Know-How.

Furthermore our clients you can fine in nearly all metal-processing branches: automotive engineering, home and office equipment, mechanical engineering, electrical industry, chemical apparatus engineering, fitting industry and medical equipment. We also provides welding departments of universities and application laboratories to use our machine.

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